Slowing Down to the speed of Stillness

Slowing down to the speed of stillness

Listening to the softness of the chatting chirping birds

Morning has arrived my favorite time of the day

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air

Feeling peaceful and grateful as a new day unfolds

A day never breathed or lived before

Soaking in each moment

The present moment where all is well

I like it here

Absent of fear and worry thoughts

Lingering in the now

Being with what is

Free of trying to get somewhere

Free of overthinking

Free of imaging “what if”

Freedom to live in the moment

Returns me to my true essence

Life is easier there

No push

No lack

No followers

No “how-to”

Living more from my true essence


Common Sense




Returns me “home” to who I really am

Soul filled with love

With Gratitude,


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