How Do You Create Your World?

Waking up to living beyond your conditioned thinking returns you home to your true essence.
~Lynn MacDonald

“Mary”  a recent client of mine, didn’t intellectualize this quote.  Instead, she gained insights into how she created her world.  She woke up and had realizations that she was so much more powerful than she realized.

In 3 short months “Mary” looks 10 years younger and her non-serving habits to feel good naturally faded.  We didn’t have to address her habits because they were never ever the REAL problem.

The real problem was how she was creating her internal world via the spiritual gift of Thought.

“Mary” gained realizations into how she was creating her world which meant she had less on her mind.

Once “Mary” saw truth her old ways no longer looked like a good idea. 

She no longer had to do the following:

  • Attempt to control her thoughts
  • Gave up tools and strategies
  • Beat herself up and continue having a poor relationship with herself
  • Obey every command from thoughts
  • Feeling uncomfortable, trying to figure out why and stop it
  • Give in to urges for food and drink
  • Gave up looking outside for her true self

It’s through insights Mary transcended her conditioned thinking, raising her level of consciousness.  Each insight provided her with a shift in a new level of understanding about life.  She lives and experiences life very differently now.

“Mary” committed to the process of transformation.  She had an open mind and willingness to look in new a direction which was fertile grounds for insights.

“Mary” lives more from her innate well-being, she’s tuned into her wisdom.  She lives with more love and understanding for herself and others.

As a result, she sees the innocents in people now.  She sees people are doing the best they can with the moment-to-moment thinking they are in.

Her old conditioned pattern to judge people has faded.  Her relationships with others are deeper and more intimate. She knows no one can make her feel upset as she has dropped the need to fix others or take on their pain.

What a beautiful ripple effect in the world.  When one person takes ownership and transforms, the world changes.  It’s called a spiritual awakening.

A big congratulations to “Mary” you are making this world a better place!

How are you creating your world?

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