I’ve lived many lives.

I’ve been a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company. A yoga teacher with consistently sold-out classes and a professional hypnotherapist successfully curing some of the biggest fears and phobias people have.

Reinventing myself has been a major theme in my life. Each time discovering untapped potential. Leading me to create a deeper more powerful impact in the world. 

I’ve been working in the field of transformation for over 20 years helping people get more out of their lives. Which enables them to live their unlived life with limitless potential.

Now, I am trailblazing a new paradigm happily disrupting the mental health world.

I can’t be quiet anymore.

People suffer unnecessarily because they don’t know how their felt experience of life is created. 

I point people to their innate well-being which is innate mental health, simplicity.

I help people understand how their experience of life is created and how reality works. This enables them to transcend and thrive in life beyond their conditioned thinking.  They simply live life as their true self, their true essence.  No tools, no tips and no strategies.

Everyone has innate mental health now, there are no exceptions and you don’t have to do anything to “get it”. 

Innate mental health never ever goes away, it can’t be lost, stolen or broken.  It just gets covered up in contamination of thinking.  

I am a mom of 2 grown men and a Grammie.  I love heart-to-heart conversions, writing, teaching, reading, speaking, walking, and biking.


My Happy Clients!

Dear Lynn, I simply wanted to tell you that you have been an important part of my development in 2020. Our conversations, your encouragement and the wisdom that you have shared have led me to learn invaluable things about myself. Words cannot describe how much this meant to me and I cannot event begin to understand the impact this will have in my life and therefore the life of others. It is something I will forever be thankful for.
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