Post Pandemic: Freedom to Flourish

A Virtual 8-Week Training & Mentoring Program with Lynn MacDonald

∗ Starts Tuesday, June 15, 2021

We will explore what is innately within us, our well-being, which is mental health, our ability to reset and live more from our inner GPS, wisdom.

During this life changing 8-weeks we will pull the curtain back on how your human felt experience is created realizing the three principles. This will allow you to be resilient, taking experiences in stride, trusting your wisdom and living more from your innate mental health/well-being.

Week 1: Our Spiritual Nature – 6/15

We will take a deep dive into the principles that create our experience and point you in the direction of truth.  The way we think we experience life is very different than it appears.  Our experience of life comes directly via our thinking.  The way we feel in any given moment is a result of our thinking, not a circumstance.

I’ll share with you the world of form and the formless which will point to the “spiritual being and human being “sides”, which are one, there is no separation.   

Week 2: Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide 6/22

Our mind can be our worst enemy or our best friend.  You will see how we go in and out of mental health moment by moment.  What EXACTLY is mental health? Mental health is contentment, a state of consciousness when you are not thinking of yourself. It’s your birthright, you have it now. See what’s behind the #1 misunderstanding that keeps the world in a “mental health crisis”. We will take a look at exactly how stress, anxiety, depression and suicide are created and the power you have to use free-will come back to mental health without any strategies.   You’ll learn the REAL reason behind insecure feelings and how they are your guide to bring you back into the present moment, back into the flow of life.

Week 3: Grief, Loss & Fear 6/29

You may have lost a loved one or the loss of a sense of security we thought we had.  Allowing ourselves to feel whatever we feel minus labeling it right or wrong, judging or resisting it. There’s no need to be afraid of our thinking/feelings or to control them.  You’ll see it’s impossible to control thinking/feelings.  The less attention you give them, they fade when left alone. 

Week 4: Feelings, Levels of Consciousness & “Personality” 7/6

A state of consciousness is a level of thinking you are in which means you are not a personality.  A personality is just an idea you created. You can transcend whatever you think you are. You have the freedom to think any way you want. You’ll see “the fact that we think” promotes well-being independent of the specific thought or the specific content of our thinking.  

Week 5: Well-Being & Resilience is Your Inheritance 7/13

You are never broken or damaged regardless of you past. Fundamentally, you are well.  You will gain realizations into what exactly keeps you from living more from your true nature of well-being and resiliency.  You have all you need to navigate the waves of life.  The spiritual tools are your birthright, they are always there and never go away, they just get covered up with Thought.

Week 6: Habits, Addictions & Behaviors 7/20

Good news, you were born habit-free!  You’ll learn habits live in the brain and are kept alive via Thought. You’ll see you don’t have to obey every Thought. Habits, addictions and behaviors are a gift attempting to get your attention to awaken your soul lesson. It’s from that place we grow and evolve. You’ll see habits are never ever the REAL problem, they will fade on their own the more you “see” how your experience of life is created.

Week 7:  Wisdom Speaks Are You Listening? 7/27

We will explore what it’s like to attempt to solve problem from a busy overactive overanalyzing mind. You’ll see there is learned thinking and conditioned thinking that gets in the way which prevents new thinking via wisdom to come in. We have the ability to access truth at any moment because we are built for insights, we are built for reality. Wisdom speaks when we LISTEN, we can HEAR. You will see there’s a world of difference between an absence of thought vs. a quiet mind.

Week 8: Healthy Relationships/Separate Realities & Divorce 8/3

Remember when you were in love?  Everything in the world was right, you were on cloud nine!  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, the “honeymoon effect” was over.  Have you ever wondered why that happens? Things about your partner didn’t bother you before.  You often think they changed; they don’t seem like the same person.

We will take a look at what a healthy relationship looks likes that is free of judgment, criticism, or thinking that someone should change.  You’ll see how no two people think alike hence, everyone lives in their own separate reality.  No two people see or experience the world the same as you do.  

What’s Included:

    • Dates: 6/15/21 – 8/3/21
    • Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30PM EST
    • 90-minute private, insightful conversation with Lynn
    • Recorded sessions available in the event you miss a session
    • Emails support as needed for additional questions
    • Access to an online forum group (not Facebook) where you can share insights and experiences to deepen your sense of being a part of a global, spiritual community
    • Tuition: $329.00

Note: this is not a self-help course and will not provide you with information via tips, tools or strategies. But it WILL give you a life filled with far less stress and much more joy and contentment!

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