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My Inner Circle is an opportunity to meet other like-minded people who are deepening their understanding of how reality actually works in their life instead of the version of reality we are all taught to believe in. 
My Inner Circle is a place where you will have the support you need as you move away from living a life that no longer serves you into a life that fulfills you.
You will spend more time living life from a place of well-being where you have the capacity to create a thriving business, life, and relationship.

I invest in helping people like you increase your understanding of how life works and how your experiences are REALLY created. As you gain this understanding, your life becomes easier, anxiety and depression fade, negative habits fade, and you start living from a place of centerdness.

You will stop living a life that feels like a “mistaken identity” (because it’s the life you were told you were supposed to live) and you will find yourself easily making choices that give you the life you always wanted.

People join my Inner Circle when they are ready to make a change and take ownership of their future instead of remaining in a present that keeps them stuck and sad.

I show up for YOU 100% so you can show up for your life 100%.

Are You Ready To Let Go of Your Mistaken Identity?


My Happy Clients!

I started this journey with Lynn without the attention to weight loss and eventually gravitated in that direction. For me, this journey was more about self-discovery
and carving out a path to living my greatest life.
Tina Doucette
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